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About Dr. Casey Pride &
The Pride Health Institute

Dr. Casey Pride

Dr. Casey Pride

Dr. Casey Pride is a chiropractor who has dedicated his career to helping patients achieve optimal health through natural healing. Growing up with both parents as successful chiropractors, Dr. Pride received regular chiropractic care from birth and has personally experienced the transformative benefits of chiropractic care his entire life.

Dr. Pride is board certified and received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan University in 2016. He also holds a B.S. in Life Sciences from Logan University and a B.S. in Business Administration from St. Louis University. Dr. Pride has a diverse background in chiropractic techniques, having studied Quantum Neurology (QN), Koren Specific Technique (KST) and Applied Kinesiology (AK). He is certified in AK by the International College of Applied Kinesiology under Dr. Louis Boven.  This combination of techniques allows Dr. Pride to address the underlying causes of his patients' health challenges and lead them to a much healthier state of being.

As a regular keynote speaker at chiropractic conferences and speaker at chiropractic colleges, Dr. Pride is sought after for his expertise in chiropractic care. He is also a regular guest on podcasts and radio interviews, sharing his knowledge with a wider audience.

Dr. Pride has operated practices in both the United States and the Dominican Republic, where he has served an incredibly diverse spectrum of patients throughout his career.   

In addition to his work as a chiropractor, Dr. Pride has worked closely with anti-sex trafficking organization Destiny Rescue, since 2019. As an International Rescue Agent and Rescue Manager, Dr. Pride oversees and trains rescue teams, and has worked undercover to rescue children from sex trafficking in the Dominican Republic and Thailand.

In his free time, Dr. Pride enjoys training in martial arts, where he holds a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a green belt in Kali, and a white belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  He has been happily married to his wife, Andrea, since 2020 and they enjoy traveling the world together and exploring the outdoors with their 2 dogs.  Together, they are committed to making a positive impact in their community and beyond.

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